My name is Penny and I have been in the beauty industry for 17 years. I was very blessed to find my mentor, Harvey Oakley, fresh out of beauty school. He was an amazing teacher who had a background in stage work and had owned his own beauty school. I worked under him for over seven years, watching and learning all that I could from him and his wife Karen. I relocated from Southern Oregon to Vancouver and what a ride it has been. I've worked at Rick and Company here in Vancouver, and at an Aveda Salon in Portland. I later became an instructor and worked at the Aveda Institute in Portland, Vancouver and at Phagan's in Portland. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching, and it's true what they say, "if you really want to learn something teach it." I believe that you should never stop learning, especially if it's something you love, and believe me, I must love doing hair because I'm back with a vengeance. I have never felt this excited to be anywhere.

I am completely in my element. I am home. 




Blondes may have more fun… but trust us, they have a lot more fun when their icy color stays sassy not brassy. And no shade on the color wheel helps maintain this cool more effectively than violet – the classic counterpoint that banishes oxidized yellowing; maintains the integrity of gray hair; and even turns into an instant at-the-sink toner following a blonde color service. That’s a whole lotta power for purple, don’t you think?


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